Caho & Isqua Collaboration

Caho & Isqua Collaboration

Caho & Isqua Collaboration

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The issue of the DIALOG delves into a diverse range of topics centered on healthcare
enhancement and patient safety. It underscores the integration of technology, collaboration,
and patient-centered approaches to improve decision-making, healthcare leadership, and
quality. The challenges of electronic decision support (EDS) tools, pandemic-driven
adaptations, and healthcare system pressures are examined. Notable strategies include
clinical audits, human factors in design, Quality Improvement Programs (QIPs), and Patient-
Reported Outcomes (PROs). The issue also highlights successful healthcare models in
Ghana and Japan, emphasizing community engagement, safety culture, and collaboration.
From a global perspective, the issue underscores the collective pursuit of resilient, patient-
oriented, and technologically driven healthcare systems.


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