Patient Bed-Side Bio-medical Waste Segregation Trolley

Patient Bed-Side Bio-medical Waste Segregation Trolley

Patient Bed-Side Bio-medical Waste Segregation Trolley

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The “Bed-Side Biomedical Waste Segregation Trolley” is an innovative solution designed to address the challenges of biomedical waste management in healthcare. Introduced to three institutions, it aims to enhance safety by reducing Needle Stick Injuries and promoting “No-Touch” waste segregation. With a cost-effective design and unique features, this trolley offers an affordable, low-maintenance solution that improves the safety and efficiency of biomedical waste management. It serves as a model for enhancing healthcare waste management practices while prioritizing the well-being of healthcare professionals.



Biomedical waste segregation at the bedside has been a persistent challenge in the healthcare industry. This concern has led to an increase in Needle Stick Injuries (NSIs) among healthcare professionals during waste segregation into large bins. To address this issue, the “Bed-Side Biomedical Waste Segregation Trolley” was introduced and implemented in three healthcare institutions. This innovative solution aims to achieve several crucial objectives, including the separation of biomedical waste from its source, a reduction in NSIs, and the promotion of “No-Touch” waste segregation. By minimizing infection and trauma risks for staff involved in direct or indirect patient care, the trolley enhances safe work practices, contributing to a safer healthcare environment.


Design, Making, and Cost

The “Bed-Side Biomedical Waste Segregation Trolley” is a cost-effective solution that includes various components:


How to Use

The trolley is designed for ease of use, ensuring that the segregation of biomedical waste is efficient and hygienic. It consists of two trays, with the first dedicated to the segregation of infected plastic waste and the second for general waste. Additionally, there are designated compartments for various waste types, including ampoules, vials, and sharp objects. The trolley is user-friendly and can be effortlessly arranged, making it suitable for a broad range of healthcare settings.



The “Bed-Side Biomedical Waste Segregation Trolley” offers numerous advantages:

  • Unique Features: This trolley is proudly made in India and is compatible with both older and newer healthcare facilities. It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution with a compact design, reducing the risk of Needle Stick Injuries (NSIs).
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Cleaning the trolley should be performed in each shift, ensuring a sanitary and safe environment for healthcare workers.
  • Enhanced Safety: With a one-to-one staff-to-trolley ratio, this solution promotes proper segregation according to the color code and is easily accessible to all members of the healthcare team. It aids in reducing and eliminating NSIs, thus increasing “Safe Work Practice.”



Introducing the “Bed-Side Biomedical Waste Segregation Trolley” is a significant step towards improving safety and efficiency in healthcare waste management. By addressing the challenges associated with waste segregation at the source, this innovative solution contributes to a safer work environment and enhances the well-being of healthcare professionals. Its user-friendly design, compatibility, and affordability make it a valuable addition to the healthcare industry. Furthermore, it sets a promising example for other healthcare institutions aiming to enhance biomedical waste management while prioritizing staff safety.

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